The Band Members

Lenny Whipp

Lenny is the Drummer and Band Leader from Sugarbush WI. 

Gary Dembinski

Gary from West Kewaunee, plays the lead Trumpet and Vocals. 

Joe Jerabek

Joe, our Tuba player, is from the town of Lincoln (north of Casco)

Phil Stangel

Phil, who is also a member of the Eddie Larsen Orchestra, is an excellent musician and vocalist.  He began playing the Tenor Sax and Clarinet with the Sugarbush Boys in 2018.      

Vic Kapinos

Vic Kapinos, Tenor Sax, Musician Emeritus, from Allouez, has retired from his steady position with the band but may fill in as needed in the future.

Al Reedy

Al is from Maribel and plays the 2nd Trumpet.

Larry Hlinak

Larry plays the Keyboard and Trumpet (often at the same time.)  He also sings and arranges music for the band. He lives in Mishicot.

Wayne Hessil

Wayne lives in Green Bay and plays the Alto Sax, Trumpet and Clarinet.  He also arranges music for the band.